Integrated DevSecOps Platform (IDP)

Streamline, automate and secure pipelines to deliver digital products faster.

Infuse security and compliance initiatives into your CI/CD lifecycle right from day one without any disruption to operations!

Create cohesive automated CI/CD pipelines to deliver higher-quality and secure products faster to the market using best-in-breed DevOps toolchain of your choice.

Accelerate releases by automating repetitive activities across PDLC.

Integrate with your existing toolchain e.g. Jenkins, Bitbucket, GitHub, Jira, Datadog, SonarQube and many more.

Drive process improvements and collaboration using VSM insights for value-added and non-value-added activities.

Enforce DevSecOps best practices and discipline across the team by using templates and standards.

Continuous risk assessment, monitoring, and visibility with AIOps intelligence.

Self-service DevSecOps pipelines with approvals for required security controls.


DevSecOps Automation and Orchestration

Automation across the complete DevSecOps lifecycle from code, commit, test, deploy through monitoring the pipeline, infrastructure, and application.

CI/CD Pipeline and Automation

Templates for CI/CD pipelines and infrastructure-as-code for configuration management.

Multi-Cloud Deployment

Leverage multi-cloud deployment strategy across all industry-leading public cloud platforms such as AWS, Azure, and GCP.

Value Stream Map

Gain visibility to reduce bottlenecks and eliminate wasteful processes through VSM data. Assess maturity of various categories like team maturity, agile processes for overall process improvement.

Continuous Monitoring and Security

Monitoring and visibility about risks and inefficiencies across the CI/CD pipeline.

Policy and Process templates

Policy and process templates to quickly build pipelines and enforce parameters and share them within teams, across different applications, or even across different deployments.


Gain industry-leading research and insights through datasheets, whitepapers, articles, blogs, and more.
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Other Capabilities of Lazsa Product Platform-as-a-Service

Portfolio-2-Product Management (P2PM)

Manage your digital portfolio and product lifecycles to monitor and assess risks and adhere to scope, quality, and release timelines.

Web & API Studio (WAS)

Accelerate the journey of delivering digital solutions from ideation to productization with a superlative experience.

Data Intelligence Studio (DIS)

Data Pipeline Studio to create and execute workflow-based data pipelines and DataOps/MLOps to manage the lifecycle of ML models.

Product Platform-as-a-Service (pPaaS)

Define, Design, Develop, and Deploy cutting-edge digital solutions.

Accelerate your digital innovation journey.

Have a competitive advantage and superlative customer experience.

About us

Calibo is a Digital Products and Platform company which partners the growth journey of enterprises across business domains and provides resilience to sustain in today’s disruptive world. It empowers enterprises of all sizes to build simplified, engaging digital apps using best-in-class technologies, processes,  and practices.


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