Portfolio to Product Release Orchestration


Around 15-20 years back, the scale at which product development happened was much smaller and a lot simpler in comparison to today. The product development process is constantly changing in comparison to how it used to happen earlier, how it happens today and how it will happen in the future. Today the focus is on making the product development process stress-free by simplifying the complexities.

Earlier a product used to be independent, and self-contained. After years of work, the first version of the product would come to the market. The subsequent releases would take months or years and included phases like market analysis, product requirements, architecture design, development, system testing during development, alpha testing at customer’s end, beta testing in pilot, RTM, deployment, training, support, etc.

Today, we build much complex products at a bigger scale and at a higher speed. The SaaS world has made the product delivery frequency and cycles much faster than before. This of course cannot happen without the help of latest methodologies, processes, tools and technologies. In short, the process of building products is becoming very complex and requires support from portfolio management to release orchestration covering all the related aspects.

Complex areas in today’s rapid development and release process

  • Managing product portfolios – Companies have to organize their product line keeping the intended customer segments and use cases in mind. Product lines contain multiple complementing products. The products are composed of features that deliver capabilities to the end users. The Portfolio or Product Owners need to work on budgets, set targets and track performance periodically. The hardware and software costs, resource budgets have to go through approval processes and review workflows making them complex.
  • Approval of tools, technologies, and processes – Product and feature development is done by teams with varying compositions of architects, developers, testers, scrum masters, agile coach and product owners. Each team needs a different process, tools and technologies, which in turn need approvals.  Unapproved tools, software and hardware, brings in unanticipated damage to the product and consequentially to the company.
  • Tracking multiple releases and dependencies – in the fast-paced release format, while tracking releases and dependencies it is extremely important to have visibility into the complete release cycle to ensure a smooth release process. You must be able to identify complex dependencies, and bottlenecks and communicate the same in real time to the concerned teams and different stakeholders.
  • Resource planning and visibility – To keep pace with current product release processes, executives have to do resource projections and planning much ahead of time. For this you require visibility into team composition, resources, resource cost, and geographies of resources, skill set, cost areas and availability. They should be able to zoom in to a specific dimension and slice to take decisions in order to mitigate risks ahead of time.
  • Business executives need a 360 degree view of the entire portfolio, products, teams and maturity. They must be able to see the product and feature roadmap to understand midterm and short-term plan at the click of a button. They need complete visibility into resource projections and availability, release dependencies and risks associated with them.


Though companies are building products at a much larger scale and at an unprecedented speed, the overall process has become complex. It requires support in portfolio planning, product development, release orchestration, maturity assessment, resource projection, budget planning. Similarly it also requires tools for Portfolio to Product Release Orchestration covering all associated processes under the umbrella.

Lazsa Product Platform-as-a-Service (pPaaS)

Lazsa from Calibo is the industry-first pro-code product Platform-as-a-Service (pPaaS) which helps you manage and accelerate the product development cycle from ideation to productization. It provides a comprehensive set of tools and tech stack and seamless collaboration between the business and technology teams in the organization. The platform helps you manage define, design, develop, and deploy phases of product development efficiently providing complete visibility into the end-to-end process. CI/CD pipeline orchestration, DevSecOps Orchestration, AIOps intelligence, Maturity Assessment, VSM ensure that the release cycles are managed swiftly, efficiently and through continuous improvement.

Product Platform-as-a-Service (pPaaS)

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