Portfolio-2-Product Management (P2PM)

Manage your digital portfolio and product lifecycles with unified process, visibility, and insights on performance metrics.

Optimize your portfolio management by using accurate insights, state-of-the-art tools, and result-oriented process improvements.

Align your digital portfolio and product roadmap to meet organizational objectives.

Plan releases and manage dependencies to orchestrate releases using workflows.

Gain complete visibility into bottlenecks in the PDLC using Value Stream Map (VSM).

Gain insights across portfolios, products, and performance metrics through dashboards.

Get complete traceability of various stages from ideation to deployment.

Monitor product maturity through assessment framework and dependency chart.

Enforce best practices and workflows using policy templates.


Portfolio management

Create portfolios aligned with vision, goals, roadmap, strategy, and priority. Create products under portfolios based on customer segments and common values delivered by the products.

Insights and Visibility

Insights into portfolio performance and visibility across product lifecycle help executives make data-driven decisions.

Process Unification

Unified processes, best practices, automation, and workflows to drive enterprise-wide governance across the PDLC.

Product Release Orchestration

Manage releases efficiently by publishing release calendar and tracking dependencies across multiple teams.

Value Stream and Traceability Map

Get insights into release pipeline bottlenecks through early alerts and notifications. Perform traceability across PDLC.

Executive Dashboards

Insights for Operations and Business teams along with custom dashboards for specific needs.


Gain industry-leading research and insights through datasheets, whitepapers, articles, blogs, and more.
Talk to our product experts on how the multiple capabilities of Lazsa Product Platform-as-a-Service (pPaaS) can meet your specific requirements, write to sales@calibo.com.

Other Capabilities of Lazsa Product Platform-as-a-Service

Web & API Studio (WAS)

Accelerate the journey of delivering digital solutions from ideation to productization with a superlative experience.

Data Intelligence Studio (DIS)

Data Pipeline Studio to create and execute workflow-based data pipelines and DataOps/MLOps to manage the lifecycle of ML models.

Integrated DevSecOps Platform (IDP)

Security infused into the entire CI/CD lifecycle and complete visibility and traceability for increased release velocity.

Product Platform-as-a-Service (pPaaS)

Define, Design, Develop, and Deploy cutting-edge digital solutions.

Accelerate your digital innovation journey.

Have a competitive advantage and superlative customer experience.

About us

Calibo is a Digital Products and Platform company which partners the growth journey of enterprises across business domains and provides resilience to sustain in today’s disruptive world. It empowers enterprises of all sizes to build simplified, engaging digital apps using best-in-class technologies, processes,  and practices.


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