Product Platform-as-a-Service

The industry-first pro-code platform to drive your end-to-end
digital and data product development process...

The industry-first pro-code platform to drive your end-to-end digital and data product development process...

Portfolio-2-Product Management (P2PM)

Simplify your digital portfolio and product lifecycle management with unified process, visibility, and performance metrics!

Manage portfolios with insightful dashboards to show real-time status by products, features, and financial metrics.

Plan and manage product and feature releases by using Product Release Orchestrator (PRO).

Enforce best practices and workflows using policy templates.

Manage release dependencies by using release calendar and Agile Release Trains (ART).

Improve processes and reduce bottlenecks by using VSM and Maturity Assessment data.

Data Intelligence Studio (DIS)

Unravel the magic you can create with data using technologies of your choice!

Create, manage, run, and monitor Data & Analytics products from ingestion to business insights by using state-of-the-art data technologies.

Create and deploy complex data pipelines within a few clicks with DataOps out-of-the-Box.

Rapidly build, train, deploy, and monitor AI/ML solutions using algorithms and Lazsa MLOps.

Pipelines integrated with data security, quality, compliance, and governance.

Increase effectiveness and enhance experience with seamless collaboration between business, data engineers, and data scientists.

Integrated DevSecOps Platform (IDP)

Increase product security without losing release velocity!

Accelerate the release velocity by automating repetitive and non-core activities across PDLC

Drive process improvements and collaboration using VSM insights for value-added and non-value-added activities

Enforce DevSecOps best practices and discipline across the team by using templates and standards.

Deliver actionable insights across PDLC for all stakeholders through automated collection of telemetry from various tools.

Monitor DevSecOps operations, resource usage, cost, and security incidents with AIOps Intelligence data.

Web & API Studio (WAS)

Unified platform for ideation through productization of a variety of digital products!

Code, test, deploy, and monitor Web and API products with comprehensive, state-of-the-art technology stack.

Drive seamless collaboration between business and technology teams for a simplified and unified product development experience.

Bring your own technology (BYOT) or leverage Lazsa technology ecosystem.

Secure and scale up your applications, provision instances, create code repos and deploy application across stages in a few clicks.

Continuously assess individual and team metrics for performance improvement and accelerated product delivery.

A Platform with numerous capabilities and infinite possibilities

Integrated Digital Ecosystem

Bring your technology, toolchain, stakeholders, and enterprise systems together under one roof to drive digital innovation.

Accelerate Digital Innovation

Fuel your productivity and maximize your ROI with the fully-managed platform with technologies of your choice.

Foster Enterprise Collaboration

Leverage true collaboration between business and technology teams. Remove complexities to deliver digital and data products.

Enhance Developer Experience

Automate non-value added chores so your developers can focus on core activities: design, code, debug, and deploy.

Establish Product Orientation

Future-proof your technology landscape. Adopt best practices, processes, and systems to help you build products that scale.

Executive Insights and Governance

Insightful dashboards across portfolios, products, teams, and financial metrics to drive improvements.

One Platform-Multiple Stakeholders

A unified platform with intuitive dashboards that benefit multiple stakeholders -Executives, Product Owners, Platform Admins, Architects, and Developers.

Best-of-breed technologies out-of-the-box

Out-of-the-box integration with 100+ best-in-breed technologies of your choice.

Security at the core of everything you do

From authentication to integrated DevSecOps, security is infused into the entire development lifecycle. Read more…


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Product Platform-as-a-Service (pPaaS)

Define, Design, Develop, and Deploy cutting-edge digital solutions.

Accelerate your digital innovation journey.

Have a competitive advantage and superlative customer experience.

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