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Faster Digital Innovation or Extinction? Choice is Yours

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We are living in the most transformational times in human history. Disruption has become the new normal. The change is rapid and exponential. Everything around us is becoming intelligent and connected. The cars we drive, the watches we wear, the cell phones we own, the cities we live in…everything is getting smarter and better. Believe it or not, we are already in a future world. And digital technology is empowering this acceleration.

In such a ‘Tech-celerated’ world, digitizing your business is a necessity but not sufficient anymore. Everyone is doing it. Your customers have gone digital already. They expect a seamless omnichannel digital experience from you. Your competitors have gone digital too. The question here is: Can you be the first to bring your innovation to the market? Can SPEED be your competitive advantage? Because if you do not deliver at lightning speed, you will probably find yourself reinventing something that your competitor has already introduced to the market.

Here’s a four-step formula that will help you accelerate your digital product development lifecycle and achieve faster time to market in today’s technologically complex commercial landscape:

Go agile

If you want to turn the world upside down with your digital innovation, you must go agile. Gone are the days of quarterly or even monthly release cycles. In today’s cloud era, you need weekly or even daily releases. You need automated on-demand deployments of the tools and tech stack. You must identify the problems within the code as you write it, reducing test cycles also while avoiding the security gaps. Deliver continuously. Have a clear separation of concerns for your teams.

Let your developers focus on development, and the Operations team can focus on making the developers’ life easy, creating an environment for an enterprise-ready digital product each time a developer checks in a code. Create a delivery pipeline, so that every change your development team makes either automatically goes through the pipeline or fails and the developers can know immediately. Build first, test first, fail first, fix first, and be first to reach the market.

Automate everything that can be automated

If you want to focus on what really matters to you— creating the most customer-centric digital product for your business— automate most of the redundant remedial activities in your workflows. Manually managed business processes can be error-prone, hamper your productivity, and slow down the development journey of your digital solution. Right from your routine tasks like managing emails, preparing minutes of meetings, making presentations, and scheduling social media posts, to more complicated tasks such as triggering builds, deploying tools, managing system backups, conducting periodic security audits of your business processes and products…automate everything that can be automated. And thankfully, numerous quality automation tools are available in the market today. Make the most of them!


Turn data into operational intelligence

This is the advent of the Data Age. Enterprises today have a humongous amount of data about consumers, competitors, channel partners, markets, supply chains, and the business ecosystems at their disposal. Thanks to the remarkable advancement in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, the Internet of Things, and Augmented and Virtual Reality, many businesses now leverage tools and technologies to mine, process, analyze, and utilize the data for improved customer experience. However, not all enterprises are ready to be a part of this data revolution. According to one of the surveys conducted by Forbes, over two thousand business and IT leaders globally believe in the value of data in driving organizational success, innovation, and cybersecurity. However, 66% of them admit that more than half of the available data is unknown and hence unused. Fifty-seven percent of them accept that they are not able to keep up with the pace at which their business data is growing. An alarming 47% of the leaders think that very soon they will fall behind the competition in using data as business insights. If you are among this 47%, you need a better strategy and tools to slice and dice your data.



In today’s ever-evolving complex cloud technology landscape, security threats are around every corner. It is therefore imperative to embed security and compliance in each integration and delivery point and not just towards the end of your CI/CD lifecycle. This ‘shift-left security’ approach helps you identify and eliminate vulnerabilities and achieve compliance with regulatory standards quickly and in a cost-effective manner. So, enforce technological, physical, administrative, and logical security measures in all your operations. Leverage the best endpoint security tools to autodetect security loopholes and automate security checks. Partner with leading cyber security agencies to ensure continuous assessment of your IT infrastructure. Let security be your priority and not an afterthought.


‘Platformify’ your digital product

One of the ways to speed up your innovation-tocommercialization journey is to develop your digital solution on a digital platform. Global enterprises have recognized the need for digital platforms in developing digital solutions for businesses. The quantum leap in the advancement of digital technology can be overwhelming for organizations. Managing ambitious digital initiatives independently is challenging for a business having no digital background. Developing a customer-centric digital solution is a top priority for many businesses. However, not all of them have the required competencies or experience in managing the development life cycle of a digital solution. Digital platforms are solving these problems. Enterprises are getting the required tools and technologies to develop and maintain their digital products through these platforms. Collaborating seamlessly with vendors and partners on a digital platform is opening new avenues for growth and Develop and manage your products through digital platforms. They are offering a far superior experience for all… vendors, partners, and customers. revenue. Businesses are finding this model better than selling products independently as they can reach out to more customers on a platform and reap the benefits of the ‘network effect.’ And for customers, digital platforms are offering a far more superior experience.


All in all, digital platforms are making the digital modernization journey for enterprises easy. Switching to a collaborative digital platform will add a huge growth potential to your business.

Lazsa pPaaS is what you need!

When we talk about a digital platform, how can we not talk about Calibo’s Lazsa, an end-to-end pro-code digital platform that manages all phases of your digital PDLC, right from conceptualization to commercialization? Lazsa enables focused planning for developing a seamless customer experience on digital channels. It enables automation. It makes possible the elimination of human errors from business operations. It provides a perfect collaborative mechanism that allows you to break down the silos and align all your teams towards a common goal of customer satisfaction. It serves as a gauge to measure the value of your internal processes. It provides a perfect mechanism to cleanse, slice and dice, and analyze your data and turn it into a competitive edge. It enables faster time to market with reduced production cost and accelerated release cycles.

After all, you want to be the first to bring your innovation to the market, right? Because otherwise you will probably be reinventing something that your competitor has already introduced to the market.

Yogesh works as a Technical Writer at Calibo. A technology enthusiast by nature, Yogesh carries more than 11 years of experience and expertise as an Information Developer across domains such as ecommerce, endpoint security, portfolio management, and data intelligence.

Yogesh Spare

Yogesh Spare

Yogesh works as a Technical Writer at Calibo. A technology enthusiast by nature, Yogesh carries more than 11 years of experience and expertise as an Information Developer across domains such as ecommerce, endpoint security, portfolio management, and data intelligence.

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