Data Intelligence Studio (DIS)

Convert data into actionable business insights faster using out-of-the-box pipeline orchestrator, best-in-breed technologies and AI/ML models.

Convert data into actionable business insights faster using out-of-the-box pipeline orchestrator, best-in-breed technologies and AI/ML models.

Create and orchestrate your data pipelines, ML models, data visualizations faster and give your data a competitive edge.

The ‘Ingest to insights’ journey of your raw, complex data using data pipelines, automated processes, and templates.

Integrate with your existing toolchain e.g. Databricks, Snowflake, Hadoop, QlikSense, Jupyter and many more.

DataOps to develop, test, promote, and deploy data pipelines through multiple stages.

Data security, compliance, and governance to ensure availability and security of data.

Robust MLOps to rapidly build, train, deploy, and monitor machine learning models.

Empower data scientists to jumpstart using out-of-the-box AI/ML models and algorithms.


Data Pipeline

Create complex data pipelines within a few clicks using cutting-edge data technology.

MLOps and AI/ML

Rapidly build, train, deploy, and monitor AI/ML models and solutions to derive insights and business value.


Develop, test, promote, and deploy data pipeline through multiple stages with a data architecture that supports an array of tools and frameworks.

Data Crawlers and Data Catalog

Bring transparency and improve efficiency of metadata inventory using data crawlers and data catalogs.

Data Lineage

Visualize your data journey and troubleshoot issues in data pipeline quickly and confidently.

Data Quality and Security

Convert complex, unstructured, and disorganized data into an asset without compromising its security aspects.


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Other Capabilities of Lazsa Product Platform-as-a-Service

Portfolio-2-Product Management (P2PM)

Manage your digital portfolio and product lifecycles to monitor and assess risks and adhere to scope, quality, and release timelines.

Web & API Studio (WAS)

Accelerate the journey of delivering digital solutions from ideation to productization with a superlative experience.

Integrated DevSecOps Platform (IDP)

Security infused into the entire CI/CD lifecycle and complete visibility and traceability for increased release velocity.

Product Platform-as-a-Service (pPaaS)

Define, Design, Develop, and Deploy cutting-edge digital solutions.

Accelerate your digital innovation journey.

Have a competitive advantage and superlative customer experience.

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Calibo is a Digital Products and Platform company which partners the growth journey of enterprises across business domains and provides resilience to sustain in today’s disruptive world. It empowers enterprises of all sizes to build simplified, engaging digital apps using best-in-class technologies, processes,  and practices.


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